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Recurrent Acute Sinusitis (RARS)

“I usually feel ok, but I still keep getting sick too often” Minor, early sinus infections are often called “acute sinusitis“.  Usually these infections last 10 days or less and are usually thought of as being caused by viruses rather than bacteria.  Sinus infections lasting longer than 10 days or infections that tend to worsen […]

Post COVID Sinus Infections: Omicron Update

Now amidst the Omicron-wave of infections hitting vaccinated and unvaccinated alike, it is clear in our practice we are seeing a lot of exacerbations of sinus infections. COVID-19 often causes sinus and upper respiratory symptoms such as loss of smell, congestion, and a severe headache. However this leaves the susceptible person open to sinus infections […]

Specific Bacterial & Fungal ID with PCR

Wild enough, now “PCR test” or “rtPCR” is almost a household name thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.  PCR testing is a highly specific and sensitive way to test for genetic material from all sorts of living things.  It is used in forensics, microbiology research and most importantly in healthcare. Not only are we testing nasal […]

Mild or Asymptomatic COVID-19? What to do

With serious illness related to Coronavirus running rampant in the country right now, also running rampant are people with mild symptoms or even no symptoms.  Many people are screening positive – maybe testing purely as a result of an exposure or as part of a screening program.  What do you do if you screen positive? […]

Sinus Relief: How Do I Relieve Sinus Pressure?

Do you suffer from obstructed nasal breathing, obstructive sleep apnea, chronic drainage or recurring facial pressure? You may think you have a sinus infection, but antibiotics may not be the answer. In fact, it is incredibly common for people to suspect an infection when nasal inflammation, also known as rhinitis, is the cause of their […]

Sinus Infections: Is Balloon Sinuplasty Right For Me?

Chronic sinusitis affects tens of millions of patients annually (including my own household). Over the years we have continued to refine treatment options, both medical and surgical. The latest incarnation of surgical treatment is the use of small balloon catheters (taken from the cardiac angioplasty world) to more gently stretch the sinus openings, usually done […]