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The Mold in Your Laundry

Mold and bacterian can thrive in fibrous clothing, often leading to a musty laundry odor

Laundry day – a mundane chore turned therapeutic for some, an everlasting battle for others. You throw in a load, add detergent, and expect clean, fresh clothes in return. But what if that beloved laundry machine, especially high-efficiency and front-loading ones, becomes a breeding ground for mold, emitting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that not only […]

Specific Bacterial & Fungal ID with PCR

Wild enough, now “PCR test” or “rtPCR” is almost a household name thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.  PCR testing is a highly specific and sensitive way to test for genetic material from all sorts of living things.  It is used in forensics, microbiology research and most importantly in healthcare. Not only are we testing nasal […]