Voice Disorders

Loss of voice, fluctuating hoarseness, or deepening of the voice are common throat complaints with a variety of causes.  The sound of own voice starts in lungs with air pressure that is pushed past the delicate vibratory structures of the vocal cords and then further modulated and given resonance within the throat and mouth.  The vocal cords have a critical role of creating smooth symmetric vibrations allowing us to speak with clear voice.

Many in our Atlanta community are professional voice users – whether they be performers, commentators, or use their voice all day at other occupations such as teaching, sales or management.  Overuse of the voice, especially when coupled with other mild throat disturbances can lead to hoarseness and loss of voice.

Disturbances of the vocal cords include infection, nodules, swelling, scarring, tumors and nerve disorders.  Many times a sensation of a lump in the throat can stem from vocal muscle strain or tension.  Evaluation with a simple fiberoptic scope in the office will reveal the cause of hoarseness.  This can be coupled with more advanced imaging that stroboscopy equipment allows. Our physicians will recommend a multidimensional treatment plan and schedule a follow up visit to ensure improvement.

In 2019 we teamed up with Ms. Eva Sullivan to address voice issues in our office directly and on-site.  Eva is a Certified Speech and Language Pathologist and classically trained vocalist specializing in professional voice in adults.  We offer speech evaluation therapy, swallow therapy and “voice coaching” services every week at our office.

It is invaluable having in-house SLP services to complement our range of surgical options.