Treating Hearing Loss

We will make an assessment of your particular type of hearing loss.  If a medically-treatable cause is suspected you will be scheduled to visit with one of our Ear, Nose, & Throat physicians to develop a treatment plan.  If no medically-treatable cause is identified, then we have several types of technology that may be beneficial.  Getting fit with hearing devices is a very personal experience.  No two ears or brains are the same.  You will come to know (and love) your hearing professional.  We aim for the most natural sounding and feeling technology possible.


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Hearing Aids:

Hearing loss can be improved with hearing aids in nearly all cases.  Most hearing aids are programmed to amplify each frequency a different amount, based on the amount of your hearing loss at that particular frequency, improving your ability to hear and understand speech more clearly. The addition of directional microphones, improves your ability to hear in background noise.  The modern hearing aids we offer also feature the most advanced digital noise reduction on the market.  Noise reduction is where most of the technology R&D is with hearing devices.

Hearing aids not only help for hearing loss but often are helpful for those with ringing in the ears (tinnitus).  These special devices perform “Tinnitus Retraining Therapy” where the brain’s auditory circuitry can be re-written to suppress the noise generation.  Some hearing aids have algorithms for TRT built-in, whereas TRT-only aids are available as well.

Ear Plugs for Noisy Environments:

Prevention of further hearing loss is very important. We fit a variety of ear plugs for those exposed to loud sounds as well as custom plugs made for musicians and shooting sportsmen.  Musician’s plugs preserve the fidelity of music as well as protecting hearing from excessive sound levels. Musicians may also be fitted for in the ear monitors that allow the musician to hear their own music while protecting their ears from other loud sounds. Custom swim plugs are also made to protect the ears from water exposure. The swim plugs are used for those with a hole in the ear drum, tubes in the ears or to prevent recurrent outer ear infections.