We take pride in being Atlanta’s top-rated Otolaryngology practice, treating complex ear, nose and throat conditions. Our physicians and are all Board-Certified, have advanced training in many subspecialties of ENT, and all have served in academic roles as instructors or faculty.  You will get old-fashioned personalized care with state-of-the-art technology.
G. Aaron Rogers, MD FACS has been with the practice since finishing residency at Emory University. He has extensive training in nasal surgery, chronic sinus infection and endoscopic skull base surgery. He does have special interests in head & neck cancer, sleep apnea and chronic sinus headaches.  Dr. Rogers has called Atlanta home since 2005. More…
Steven R. Bomeli, MD is the newest member of the practice, bringing special expertise in minimally invasive thyroid and parathyroid surgery.  In addition to thyroidectomy, Dr. Bomeli is has significant experience and interest in recurrent sinus infections, sleep apnea and hearing loss. More…
Andris R. Golde, MD FACS is a founding partner and has special interests in thyroidecomy, parathyroid surgery, endoscopic sinus surgery and robotic microsurgery for obstructive sleep apnea. He is a recognized leader in cancer surgery and has been consistently selected for Patient Choice Awards since 1999.  More…
Samuel A. Mickelson, MD FACS is a founding partner with special interest in sleep disorders in addition to general ENT. He is double-board-certified in Sleep Medicine and Otolaryngology, and has been a researcher for a number of research studies. Dr. Mickelson is an international leader in sleep apnea surgical treatment.  More…

Our Mission
We aim to provide high quality otolaryngology care to our patients utilizing the latest most appropriate technology with the goal of improving the lives of our patients.
Our Philosophy
Our Promise
Our surgeons and staff have dedicated their careers to performing high quality state-of-the-art care for ear, nose, and throat disorders.  We perform thorough evaluations and surgical management of the more difficult adult Head & Neck conditions.  With advanced training, academic teaching experience and active contributions to the medical literature we are consistent leaders in the field.
With Board Certifications in Otolaryngology and Sleep Medicine, and additional advanced training and recognition in thyroid disorders, nasal allergy, head and neck imaging, our clinical staff is able to provide the highest level opinions for the most difficult problems that our patients face.
We recognize medical care as a service industry.  We personally enjoy coming to a friendly and efficient workplace and insist our staff’s treatment model is consistent.  We are here to provide prompt and attentive medical care in a satisfying manner not found in most other practices.

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Board Certified: American Board of Otolaryngology

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