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Eosinophilic Polyps & Sinusitis

Nasal eosinophilic polyps are a type of growth that can develop in the nasal passages. They are made up of inflammatory cells called eosinophils, which are a type of white blood cell. These polyps can cause a variety of symptoms, such as nasal congestion, difficulty breathing through the nose, and a loss of smell. They […]

Recurrent Acute Sinusitis (RARS)

“I usually feel ok, but I still keep getting sick too often” Minor, early sinus infections are often called “acute sinusitis“.  Usually these infections last 10 days or less and are usually thought of as being caused by viruses rather than bacteria.  Sinus infections lasting longer than 10 days or infections that tend to worsen […]

Hold the Steroids for Acute Sinusitis

Acute sinusitis on CT

Acute sinusitis is on the rise again this time of year.  The common prescription for an antibiotic and ‘steroid pack’ is probably WAY overdone.  Most sinus infections start as a virus, usually a common respiratory virus causing symptoms for around a week before resolving.  The unlucky of us will then get a secondary bacterial infection […]

Does Chronic Sinusitis Ever Go Away? Signs It’s Time to Talk to a Doctor

If you are missing work due to a sinus infection that won’t go away after a few weeks, you could be suffering from chronic sinusitis. While it is possible to live with acute or chronic sinusitis when symptoms are mild, some indicators may suggest that you visit your doctor. If your sinus ailments are lasting […]

Propel Sinus Stent for Sinusitis

The sinus stent represents the cutting edge of sinus infection technology.  This new device, from a cocktail napkin idea in 2005 to an FDA approval in 2011, dramatically improves healing after sinus surgery.  Watch the attached video to see how the stent is placed within the sinus cavities, and then releases a potent nasal steroid […]

Sinus Spinal Fluid Leaks

Cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea is the medical term for spinal fluid dripping from your brain cavity though your sinuses and out of your nose. It is a very rare condition, usually seen only after head trauma or as a complication of sinus surgery. More rarely, it can be seen occurring spontaneously in the condition of benign […]

The role of minimally invasive sinus procedures

Rhinologists and otolaryngologists recently are at a crossroads about new treatments for chronic sinus infections. This biggest game changer is the Acclarent Ballon Sinuplasty technology that allows for a tiny catheter to thread an inflatable balloon across narrow sinus openings and stretch it (think heart catheters & angioplasty). This technology has been available in the […]