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Sinus Infection Feature on Atlanta’s Fox 5

We worked on a piece with Fox 5’s Health Team to discuss the new Propel sinus implant that we use to help sinus surgery patients with healing and recovery.  This originally aired July 18 2012 !  We have been using the Propel stents in selected cases since first introduced into practice, and the past couple […]

Let the Ear Tube Season Begin!

The start back of school, new daycare classmates, and the upcoming cold season are a ripe time for ear infections. The earliest middle ear drainage procedures were performed in the late 18th century as a treatment for eustachian tube failure. This involved cutting the eardrum with a small knife (called a myringotomy). It was not […]

The role of minimally invasive sinus procedures

Rhinologists and otolaryngologists recently are at a crossroads about new treatments for chronic sinus infections. This biggest game changer is the Acclarent Ballon Sinuplasty technology that allows for a tiny catheter to thread an inflatable balloon across narrow sinus openings and stretch it (think heart catheters & angioplasty). This technology has been available in the […]

Feature with Dr. Redding: When Do I go to the Doctor with a Cold?

Exactly when to visit your doctor with cold symptoms can be puzzling.  Every week I see patients that can’t seem to wait to come in to let me know they have “been sick for three days”, whereas others “have been fighting this for 3 months” before they seek care. A recent study in the Journal […]

Brain-Eating Amoeba Kills Second Neti Pot User -MedPage Today

via Medical News: Brain-Eating Amoeba Kills Second Neti Pot User – in Infectious Disease, Infection Control from MedPage Today. Wow!  Louisiana State officials are announcing they have linked a second death from amoebic meningitis to the use of the Neti Pot.  This is a terrible 100% fatal form of meningitis that happens when a particular amoeba, […]

Q&A: Does my kid need ear tubes?

Q&A: My three year-old son gets ear infections every fall and spring.  Does he need to get ear tubes? -T. in Georgia Thanks, T.  Constantly battling with ear infections can take a toll on you as well as your child.  We place tubes usually for two separate reasons: #1 fluid behind the eardrum that does […]