Sinus Infection Feature on Atlanta’s Fox 5

We worked on a piece with Fox 5’s Health Team to discuss the new Propel sinus implant that we use to help sinus surgery patients with healing and recovery.  This originally aired July 18 2012 !  We have been using the Propel stents in selected cases since first introduced into practice, and the past couple of years we have seen increasing insurance coverage for these devices when placed in the office.  The Sinuva, Propel Mini, Propel original, and Propel Contour have all been placed in the office setting under local anesthesia with good success.  These are temporary drug-eluting stents meant to complement endoscopic sinus surgery or balloon sinuplasty.  They release steroid medications, the same active ingredient in Nasacort, improving healing and reducing scar formation.

The also can single-handedly suppress polyp formation.

(Also I’m so proud of my patient Jess for doing such a fantastic job!)

Dr. Rogers has been treating sinusitis with office procedures such as balloon sinuplasty, cryoablation, turbinate reduction, balloon septoplasty (no-scalpel septoplasty) since 2010 in the office.