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Why Can’t I Hear in Noisy Restaurants?!?!

Hearing Loss

Many people find it challenging to hear in noisy restaurants, especially those with even slight early onset hearing loss. This difficulty arises from various factors that affect our ability to discern speech amidst the cacophony of background noise. Firstly, individuals with early hearing loss often experience a reduction in their ability to hear high frequencies. […]

Eustachian Tube Anatomy for Dilation

This is just a quick video post of eustachian tube anatomy that we are able to capture this week.  There is a little bit of blood in the patient’s nasopharynx here from procedure we did at the same setting just before we made the video.  This is the patient’s right eustachian tube, we are passing […]

Nerve Stimulator Treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

The Inspire surgically implanted nerve stimulator is a revolutionary breakthrough in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea for those unable to use a CPAP machine.  Dr. Mickelson, an international leader in sleep apnea treatment,  has been a collaborator with the Inspire group during their pre-FDA trials.  We look forward to offering this treatment option to […]