Today I got my Mole Map CD

Survivors of melanoma (or those at risk) will benefit from a whole-body photography service to photograph your moles.  This is particularly helpful for those with a lot freckles and moles (like me) with a history of heavy sun exposure.  Us with numerous moles are a challenge for dermatologists because we rely on the derm’s best guess as whether something is high risk.  This can result in a bunch of usually-normal biopsies and worse a spot of melanoma gone undetected for too long.

There are probably medical photography services in your area that provide mole mapping (basically high resolution photographs of all your skin).  The images are put on a CD with software that makes it simple for you or your doctor to look for changing moles.

I paid about $400 from a South Carolina mobile company called Digital Derm on their monthly visit to Atlanta.  Insurance will probably not cover this service.  We’ll see.  I will submit receipts to my insurance and cross my fingers!

Wear sunblock and good luck!

Digital Derm did not pay for and is not even aware of this review.