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Eustachian Tube Balloon Dilation for Ear Pressure

There is now a treatment option available for Eustachian Tube Dysfunction (ETD). The ear’s eustachian tube connects the sealed-off middle ear space to the back the nose/ sinuses to help keep ear pressure regulated. Blockage of the eustachian tube happens by conditions like allergies, sinus infections, adenoiditis, or just poor development to begin with. When […]

Untreated hearing loss and risks of cognitive decline and dementia

Untreated hearing loss usually take its toll on the patient gradually. According to the American Hearing Loss Association of America, almost 50 million Americans suffer from varying degrees of hearing loss. Many of these are those over 65 years. At 75 years, about a half of the population have the problem. Early intervention can help […]

Effects of Snoring and Sleep Apnea

snoring couple

How does snoring and obstructive sleep apnea affect me? Snoring is a mere nuisance to many people who have to live with a snorer. However, this is a symptom that can increase the risk of serious health issues. When this problem is accompanied by sleep apnea (which is the case with many patients) the potential […]

Convenient Allergy Drop Therapy From Home


Understanding sublingual immunotherapy – SLIT Allergy drop therapy is a trusted method to reduce sensitivity that is more convenient, safer, and as efficacious as traditional allergy shots.  To understand what sublingual immunotherapy is, an overview of allergy is helpful. This is briefly discussed below. An overview of allergy An allergic reaction is an exaggerated immune […]

Safe Treatment for Earwax

Advanced ENT & Allergy

The role of earwax The body produces earwax (scientifically referred to as cerumen) for a number pf reasons. These include: Keeps the ear lubricated Traps dust Kills any microorganisms invading the ear canal Traps insects and other crawling things from getting to the eardrum Overall, earwax keeps the ear clean Should I have my earwax […]

Hyperacusis and Her Little Sister Misophonia

The uncoiled cochlea

Hyperacusis is an over-sensitivity to sounds. For those individuals experiencing hyperacusis some everyday sounds (the dishes, the vacuum, laughter, riding in the car etc.) may be uncomfortable or even painful for them. The first step for a person with hyperacusis is to get a complete evaluation by an Otolaryngologist (ENT) and an Audiologist. A variety of possible causes will […]

Hearing Loss & Mental Decline: It is Real!

In the April 2016 Journals of Gerontology a large study reporting over a thousand older adults with hearing impairment was published.  The study looked at the impacts of moderate-to-severe hearing loss versus mild loss on memory and cognitive decline.  The findings were remarkable for there being a 55% higher rate of decline in the more severe […]

Sinus Infections: Is Balloon Sinuplasty Right For Me?

Chronic sinusitis affects tens of millions of patients annually (including my own household). Over the years we have continued to refine treatment options, both medical and surgical. The latest incarnation of surgical treatment is the use of small balloon catheters (taken from the cardiac angioplasty world) to more gently stretch the sinus openings, usually done […]

Q&A: How do I bring my CPAP machine with me when I fly?

CPAP Travel case

Fortunately, the answer is even easier than you think.  Thanks in part to the Americans with Disabilities Act, airlines have to provide you accommodations to carry your CPAP machine (or BIPAP/AutoPap or other respiratory device).  Also as CPAP machine’s are increasingly common, a great number of travelers every day are flying with their CPAP machines. […]

Endoscopic Skull Base & CSF Leak Surgery

Providing exposure to the pituitary gland and base of the brain, and repairing damage done by trauma or surgery to these areas are part of what Rhinologists – Otolaryngologists do. We work closely with various neurosurgeons in the community in Atlanta to assist in pituitary gland surgery (adenohypophysectomy) and definitively sealing cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leaks […]