Respironics CPAP BIPAP APAP machine recall

June 14th 2021 Philips Respironics announced a recall of ALL of their CPAP, BIPAP and APAP respiratory devices manufactured in the past several years.  The problem had to do with microscopic breakdown of certain components within the air circuit apparatus and respiratory problems that some patients have developed.

Fortunately our practice has always used ResMed devices and equipment so none of our in-house dispensed patients should be impacted (ResMed is the number 1 brand worldwide).

Many patients with Medicare or patient who have gotten equipment elsewhere may be using Respironics equipment.  We advise you stop using this equipment TODAY and contact your dispensing company and/or sleep physician soon about what to do next.

We have been able to secure a large shipment of ResMed devices to get us through the summer, but with the second-leading supplier going offline we are sure to feel the supply pinch soon!

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