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Q&A: How do I bring my CPAP machine with me when I fly?

CPAP Travel case

Fortunately, the answer is even easier than you think.  Thanks in part to the Americans with Disabilities Act, airlines have to provide you accommodations to carry your CPAP machine (or BIPAP/AutoPap or other respiratory device).  Also as CPAP machine’s are increasingly common, a great number of travelers every day are flying with their CPAP machines. […]

Sleep Apnea and the Hazards of Driving

The NTSB recently finished up their review of a fatal train derailment in New York.  What they found is that the driver actually fell asleep behind the wheel while driving the train.  He reached speeds of 82mph in a 30mph section of track.  As a result the trail derailed and four passengers lost their lives. […]